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Pitbull Awareness Wishlist
2016 Pitbull Awareness Wish Lish
1.    Printing of posters & fliers.
2.    Water points for the participants and their dogs.
3.    Prizes, vouchers, etc. to make up a hamper for prize giving?
4.    Entry bags to get more people interested in registering.
5.    Goodies to go into the goodie bags.
6.    Plastic bags for “doggie poop” along the route & at the venue.
7.    Trusses for water for the dogs. We must remember that their body              heat is hotter than ours.       
8.    Companies, will you be willing to donate cash for innoculation costs?
9.    Dog food donations.
10.  Dog toys.
11.  Dog bowls or blankets.

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